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  • Making a former

    Making a former

    17th May 2022

    Making and using a former Here, we make a former for a tumbler, but you can alter the former profile to whatever you want to make. Essentially, you start with a block of clay that’s roughly the right shape, on…

  • The Great Pottery Throw Down Season 5

    The Great Pottery Throw Down Season 5

    16th March 2022

    Catch up with each Throw Down episode and read a Q&A with the leavers   Week 1: Crockery set and ceramic milk bottles Potter of the week Lucinda impressed the judges with her children’s tea set and was named the…

  • Mancala rules

    Mancala rules

    17th November 2021

        How to play mancala Mancala is one of those games that’s hard to describe but easy to play, and which then gets horribly tactical and nasty once you’ve mastered it!   Objective The idea is that players ‘sow’…

  • Making and using a bisque template for press forming

    Making and using a bisque template for press forming

    14th September 2021

    Bisque template This is an incredibly useful tool for the quick production of slabbed dishes. The potential to create unique and exciting shapes is endless, giving you an opportunity to develop your own signature range of wares You will need:…

  • Bisque texture roller

    Bisque texture roller

    19th August 2021

      This project first appeared in issue 23 See here for more projects  To subscribe, click here  

  • Meet the potter – Tim See

    Meet the potter – Tim See

    19th August 2021

    See here for more Meet the Potter features This first featured in issue 53, which you can buy here For subscriptions, click here

  • Dinosaur egg cups for kids

    Dinosaur egg cups for kids

    13th July 2021

    What better way to get the kids to eat their eggs than serve them in dinosaur egg cups – who could resist? You will need: Clay – earthenware or stoneware, preferably white for easy decorating Wooden tools and ribs for…

  • Large shallow bowl – summer tableware

    Large shallow bowl – summer tableware

    24th June 2021

    We all need a large shallow bowl from time to time, and this one is perfect for any number of uses, from pasta to salad, for bread or fruit, or to use as a decorative dish to hold odds and…

  • Olive dish – summer tableware

    Olive dish – summer tableware

    20th June 2021

    This dish is designed to serve olives, but, of course, you could use it for any number of foods. The little bowls at the sides are handy for cocktail sticks, oil for dipping your bread, or even for olive stones.…

  • Thrown bowl with two foot ring options, plus decoration

    Thrown bowl with two foot ring options, plus decoration

    15th June 2021

    There is something very satisfying about a thrown bowl. They’re the most functional of items, not greatly challenging to produce even though there are so many options for size and proportion. You can use this little bowl in the kitchen…

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