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  • Rich Miller, potter and Throw Down judge, on how to make tiles

    Rich Miller, potter and Throw Down judge, on how to make tiles

    18th February 2021

    Rich Miller says that tiles are a great first step into making in clay. Though they have their difficulties (mainly keeping them flat!), they can easily be made on the kitchen table and can be decorated using a 2-dimensional or…

  • Who remembers chicken bricks?

    Who remembers chicken bricks?

    16th February 2021

    As well as its teaching courses, Aylesford Pottery in Kent is renowned for making handmade functional ware. When a French restaurant school wanted to sell traditional chicken bricks to go with its very up-market culinary course, it turned to the…

  • ClayCraft Calendar 2021

    ClayCraft Calendar 2021

    24th November 2020

    Superb calendar for all clay makers New fascinating print every month Room to add daily notes Large A3 format (297mm x 420mm) Price quoted includes postage & packaging to UK addresses £8.99  (Approx $11.51 or €10.25) Click here to order…

  • New studio build

    New studio build

    18th November 2020

    When Heather Grant got in touch to tell us about the ginger jar she’d made from issue 19, she also mentioned that she’d just had a new studio built. We wanted to find out more and, luckily, Heather kept a…

  • Commissioning craft tableware

    Commissioning craft tableware

    17th November 2020

    The resurgence of craft tableware Paul Bailey visits Aylesford Pottery to find out about how commissioning tableware works A range for HOMErestaurant in Leeds The interest in all things handmade is creating new partnerships between high-end restaurants and potteries making…

  • Can you help?

    Can you help?

    28th October 2020

    WANTED! The maker of this jug       A reader in Tasmania is appealing for help identifying the maker of this jug. It was discovered in a charity shop in Kenilworth early last year and measures just over 29cm…

  • Framed plaster batt

    Framed plaster batt

    27th October 2020

    Plaster batts are quick and easy to make and can be used for lots of different things. This one has a frame, so you can use it with slip YOU WILL NEED: Potter’s plaster Buckets for mixing Scales for weighing…

  • Make a simple sprig mould

    Make a simple sprig mould

    24th October 2020

    How to use pre-existing items to make sprig moulds, which is an easy first step for beginners Any number of items we all tend to have lying around the house can be used, and part of the fun is looking…

  • Christmas trees

    Christmas trees

    19th October 2020

    These simple tree decorations look especially good in groups of different sizes and proportions. They look lovely as festive table centre features or simply sitting on window ledges or shelves at any time of the year You will need: Clay…

  • Timings for slip-casting

    Timings for slip-casting

    19th October 2020

    Slip-casting times White earthenware: 20 – 30 minutes. Firing temp 1000°C to 1150ºC (1832°F to 2102ºF) Red earthenware: 20 – 30 minutes. Firing temp 1000°C to 1150ºC (1832°F to 2102ºF) Stoneware: 45 mins – 1 hour. Firing temp 1160°C to 1290ºC (2120°F to…