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  • Adding colour to clay part 1

    Adding colour to clay part 1

    24th March 2020

    This project is the first in a series on adding colour to clay for different effects. You will learn how to colour your clay, then use it in combination with other colours to make exciting and unique forms in an…

  • Paperclay slab animals

    Paperclay slab animals

    24th March 2020

    The inspiration for this project came from the charming but rudimentary metal animals that can be bought as souvenirs when you’re on holiday   Adapting the shapes to clay isn’t difficult because of the malleable nature of the material, and…

  • Meet the potter: Keith Brymer Jones

    Meet the potter: Keith Brymer Jones

    22nd January 2020

    Keith is reaping the rewards of hard work and creative thinking With a long and successful career in production ceramics, Keith Brymer Jones became something of a national treasure when he first hit our screens in 2015 as one of…

  • Meet the potter – Amberlea McNaught

    Meet the potter – Amberlea McNaught

    9th December 2019

    Amberlea McNaught’s life has been a rollercoaster, with not a little serendipity at play A series of chance connections have led this extraordinary young woman to produce some of the most exciting work currently on the ceramics scene Amberlea McNaught.…

  • Supplier Spotlight – Bluematchbox

    Supplier Spotlight – Bluematchbox

    6th December 2019

    Bluematchbox – Ten years on When Grant Pratt first opened his shop in Tilehurst, 10 years ago, it was a gallery and working studio, with a few shelves of glazes and tools for sale. Fast-forward to today, and it’s clear…

  • Supplier Spotlight – Potclays

    Supplier Spotlight – Potclays

    5th December 2019

    Potclays: A potted history Over 85 years on and the future’s looking bright! Potclays celebrated its 85th anniversary in 2017. It’s still owned and run by the same family – now in its 4th generation – and they still use…

  • Readers’ Makes

    Readers’ Makes

    16th November 2019

    Here’s issue 33’s selection of photos sent in by readers. If you’d like to share your work with us, email a high-resolution photo and some details about your piece to: claycraft.ed@kelsey.co.uk Libbi Hutchence   Graham Lymbery   Cat King

  • Working with porcelain

    Working with porcelain

    25th September 2019

    Porcelain… the final frontier? With its reputation for being hard to work with, porcelain is often considered off-limits for all but the most advanced and professional ceramicists. Jo Davies helps de-bunk some of the myths and offers her tips for…

  • Meet the potter: Kevin Millward

    Meet the potter: Kevin Millward

    23rd September 2019

    Kevin Millward’s recurring theme is “And then I get a phone call…”   Kevin will be known to many of you as the course director at the Clay College and the consultant behind The Great Pottery Throw Down.   He…

  • Banwell Pottery

    Banwell Pottery

    14th August 2019

    Banwell Pottery, a thriving social enterprise that supports people with learning disabilities and autism to design, create and sell high-quality products Wednesday group session. Based just outside the popular seaside holiday town of Weston-super-Mare, within the community leisure centre ‘@Worle’, there…