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A monthly magazine for potters, with step-by-step hand-building and throwing projects for potters of all levels

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  • Banwell Pottery

    Banwell Pottery

    14th August 2019

    Banwell Pottery, a thriving social enterprise that supports people with learning disabilities and autism to design, create and sell high-quality products Wednesday group session. Based just outside the popular seaside holiday town of Weston-super-Mare, within the community leisure centre ‘@Worle’, there…

  • Pinched rabbit project

    Pinched rabbit project

    12th August 2019

    This little pinched rabbit is built by enlarging semi-spheres with coiled additions, which are in turn pinched, to make larger sections to join together. The technique is used to increase size for all pinched forms, whether open or closed   You…

  • Making underglaze pencils

    Making underglaze pencils

    18th July 2019

    Underglaze pencils are great for people who like to draw graphic images or create painterly effects on their ceramic surfaces. Here’s how to make your own   General information on underglaze pencils Commercially available underglaze pencils or crayons usually come…

  • Why do we use plastic sheeting?

    Why do we use plastic sheeting?

    11th July 2019

    Some people ask us why we recommend using plastic sheeting in our handbuilding projects, when so many other people use canvas or cotton. Yes, plastic sheeting sticks, but that’s a plus point! It means that you don’t have to over-handle…

  • And the winner is…

    And the winner is…

    23rd March 2019

    The end of year celebration for students at Aylesford Pottery in Kent was a competition in the spirit of a series of challenges. Judges and students gathered in the Great Barn of Aylesford Priory to hear the results. Michelle Stags…

  • Making a rhubarb forcer – coil build

    Making a rhubarb forcer – coil build

    19th March 2019

    The arrival of spring always makes me want to get out into the garden, and on my list of things to make for many years has been a rhubarb forcer. Although it may not be a ‘must make’ for everyone,…

  • Making a plaster batt

    Making a plaster batt

    30th December 2018

    Plaster batts are quick and easy to make and can be used for lots of things This was used for our project using casting slips to make a slab vase in issue 22 You will need: Potter’s plaster Buckets for…

  • Meet the Potter: Richard Hedges

    Meet the Potter: Richard Hedges

    1st October 2018

    We frequently hear stories about the therapeutic qualities of getting your hands on clay, but it’s usually from the clients’ perspective. Richard Hedges took the bold step of moving from a 20-year career in drugs and alcohol services, to become…