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  • New kiln share website

    New kiln share website

    8th May 2021

    Are you looking for somewhere to fire your work, or maybe you’re a potter with spare capacity who’d like to earn some extra income. Kiln Share is a new website that puts potters and kiln owners in touch with each…

  • BOTZ


    27th April 2021

    Founded in 1984 by Mechthild Surmann and Jürgen Klück, BOTZ glazes are well-known and loved by ceramicists all over the world Daniel Schulze Zur Verth, executive director, has been with the company since 2008 and explained its history. “Jürgen was…

  • Stacey McDonald

    Stacey McDonald

    22nd April 2021

    A series of fortunate events From hobby to woman-owned business by Stacey McDonald, photos Scott Rose Stacey McDonald I moved to Rockford IL, USA from Canada in 2006. It was a classic ‘girl finds boy on eBay, shipping is a…

  • Lustre test panel

    Lustre test panel

    19th April 2021

    If you like to decorate surfaces with colour – underglaze, glaze or lustre, for example – it’s far better to have a real reference for the colours as opposed to a glossy picture in a catalogue. This simple panel shows…

  • A children’s wonderland

    A children’s wonderland

    15th April 2021

    Paul Bailey looks at the mysterious work of Jean Tolkovsky   Jean Tolkovsky. Jean has always been an avid reader and having spent so much time reading to her children, she decided her work should focus on childhood memories and experiences that…

  • Made with  Clay Studio

    Made with Clay Studio

    12th April 2021

    Former members of the Digswell Ceramics Community let us know about their new studio The repair and conversion work was done by volunteers last summer. Letchworth Heritage Foundation, North Hertfordshire District Council and the Civic Trust have all contributed to…

  • Thrown bird bath

    Thrown bird bath

    19th March 2021

    This bird bath is a challenging project that will test your skills, but to make it a little easier and avoid having to throw large amounts of clay, we’ve designed the form in three parts. For this to work, you…

  • Bird bath decoration sprig ideas

    Bird bath decoration sprig ideas

    12th March 2021

    Here are a couple of sprig options we’ve previously covered Disregard the theme of each sprig (unless they happen to be topical – that depends on when you’re reading this!),  the method is the same for whatever shape you want…

  • How to make an oya

    How to make an oya

    10th March 2021

    An oya, or olla, is a terracotta vessel that’s buried in the ground to water the garden. Not only does their use dramatically reduce water waste but also watering time. So, buried in the ground next to your courgettes, you’re…

  • Rich Miller, potter and Throw Down judge, on how to make tiles

    Rich Miller, potter and Throw Down judge, on how to make tiles

    18th February 2021

    Rich Miller says that tiles are a great first step into making in clay. Though they have their difficulties (mainly keeping them flat!), they can easily be made on the kitchen table and can be decorated using a 2-dimensional or…