ClayCraft Challenge entries

During the Great Pottery Throw Down, we ran the make-along ClayCraft Challenge, and the work that’s been sent in is fantastic! You can see all the submissions below, and the winning pieces. The winners will receive a year’s subscription to ClayCraft* and one of our split-leg potter’s aprons.

Even though the show has ended, there’s still time to send in your entries. We know it takes a long time to make some of the projects!

We know that some of you will be complete beginners, and others may well be experienced potters who are teaching, so to level the playing field a bit, when you send your photos in we’d like to know if you have more than three years’ experience, so we can take that into account.

While we do love to see your results on our social media, to enter the ClayCraft Challenge please email your photos to 


claycraft challenge winner number one

Winner! Mo Schofield: Like Lee, I too live in Huddersfield, but I chose Victoria Tower at Castle Hill, as it dominates our landscape. There is a legend of a sleeping dragon on Castle Hill, that guards a golden cradle – which I made on the inside too!
It now stands at 45cm and had to be made in three sections due to the kiln at home being too small!

claycraft challenge winner 2 sarah keogh

Winner! Sarah Keogh: I was very excited to see your post on The Great Pottery Throwdown 2021 Facebook group. I’ve been learning pottery for three and a half years and, in September 2019, set up my own garden studio. I’ve been learning through my mistakes, from YouTube and by following along the challenges on TGPTD. I have really enjoyed the challenges set on the current series, which have pushed my skills to a new level. I have never slab built before, certainly not a 40cm building! And who knew that making ceramic fruits would entail learning new skills.
(See more detailed photos in the gallery  below)

Winner! Gloria from Fab Happy :
I started this project on 23rd January 2021 [submitted on March 28th].
I’ve never made anything so big (30cm) so this was a real challenge. But I really enjoy slab building and have a fair deal of DIY experience, which stood me in good stead (eg making mitred edges and calculating angles).
The inspiration for my building was the Great Hall (ruins of) at Nymans’ Gardens, a National Trust estate in Sussex.