We love to see what our readers are making, whether it’s one of our projects that has inspired you to have a go and then you’ve altered it to make it your own, or a piece that’s unique to you. Are you mad about glazes and have come up with your own recipe that you’d like to show us and share in our galleries?

We have a couple of ways that you can share your work with our readers, and for both of them you just need to email us at  We will feature these in the magazine as and when space allows.

Photos need to be at least 1Mb at 300dpi, preferably bigger for Me and my Pot.

Me and my Pot (it doesn’t have to be a ‘pot’) showcases a stunning piece of work that sums up what you’re doing at the moment.
For this, we need:
One high resolution image of the piece of work, on a neutral background, and a head and shoulder shot of you.

  1. Clay type
  2. Firing temp
  3. Build technique
  4. Decoration process: method and type
  5. Inspirations & influences
  6. Do you sell your work, if so, how/where? Include web links for promotion

This is a single page in the magazine and space is limited, so please be as concise as possible

Readers’ Makes might be the option you go for if you don’t feel ready for Me and my Pot. These appear as a collection of several people’s work on a page, so could be your choice if you’re shy!

We also have an online General gallery, featuring  of a selection of images from previous issues of the magazine, to tempt and inspire you



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