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  • Making a former

    Making a former

    17th May 2022

    Making and using a former Here, we make a former for a tumbler, but you can alter the former profile to whatever you want to make. Essentially, you start with a block of clay that’s roughly the right shape, on…

  • Mancala rules

    Mancala rules

    17th November 2021

        How to play mancala Mancala is one of those games that’s hard to describe but easy to play, and which then gets horribly tactical and nasty once you’ve mastered it!   Objective The idea is that players ‘sow’…

  • Plaster relief panel

    Plaster relief panel

    22nd May 2021

    This relief panel is being made to use as a mirror frame, but it can be used in many ways – to form decorative walls for dishes, cups, plates or in fact, any form you might want to apply it…

  • Bird bath decoration sprig ideas

    Bird bath decoration sprig ideas

    12th March 2021

    Here are a couple of sprig options we’ve previously covered Disregard the theme of each sprig (unless they happen to be topical – that depends on when you’re reading this!),  the method is the same for whatever shape you want…

  • How to make an oya

    How to make an oya

    10th March 2021

    An oya, or olla, is a terracotta vessel that’s buried in the ground to water the garden. Not only does their use dramatically reduce water waste but also watering time. So, buried in the ground next to your courgettes, you’re…

  • Framed plaster batt

    Framed plaster batt

    27th October 2020

    Plaster batts are quick and easy to make and can be used for lots of different things. This one has a frame, so you can use it with slip YOU WILL NEED: Potter’s plaster Buckets for mixing Scales for weighing…

  • Make a simple sprig mould

    Make a simple sprig mould

    24th October 2020

    How to use pre-existing items to make sprig moulds, which is an easy first step for beginners Any number of items we all tend to have lying around the house can be used, and part of the fun is looking…

  • Timings for slip-casting

    Timings for slip-casting

    19th October 2020

    Slip-casting times White earthenware: 20 – 30 minutes. Firing temp 1000°C to 1150ºC (1832°F to 2102ºF) Red earthenware: 20 – 30 minutes. Firing temp 1000°C to 1150ºC (1832°F to 2102ºF) Stoneware: 45 mins – 1 hour. Firing temp 1160°C to 1290ºC (2120°F to…

  • Adding colour to clay part 1

    Adding colour to clay part 1

    24th March 2020

    This project is the first in a series on adding colour to clay for different effects. You will learn how to colour your clay, then use it in combination with other colours to make exciting and unique forms in an…

  • Correct crazing in glazes

    Correct crazing in glazes

    5th January 2020

    How to correct crazing by Linda Bloomfield Crazing or crackle is a problem in glazes where the glaze is too small for the clay body. On cooling in the kiln, the glaze shrinks more than the clay, and a network…

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