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  • Centering for beginners

    Centering for beginners

    13th October 2017

    Learning to centre clay on the wheel Throwing is arguably the hardest technique to master and nothing can be achieved on a wheel until you learn to centre the clay properly. Here, we show you the required hand positions to…

  • Pinch pots for beginners

    Pinch pots for beginners

    1st July 2017

    Pinch pots are the ideal project for newcomers to hand-building with clay; perfecting this technique is a fantastic way to start developing your clay-craft skills. Most tutors will start people making pinch pots to get a feel for the clay…

  • How to use a stipple generator

    How to use a stipple generator

    19th May 2017

    Street artist HEX shares a step-by-step guide on how to making his stippled, optical illusion pieces   This process will create a stipple portrait onto the surface of the clay. The image is made up of thousands of dots, and…