• Gift tags

    Gift tags

    8th September 2020

    These little gift tags make the act of giving truly personal and special. What better way can there be to show someone how much you care about them? They are easy to make for all occasions   For your gift…

  • New online glaze course

    New online glaze course

    14th August 2020

    Glaze specialist Linda Bloomfield is launching an online course, How Glazes Work, with videos on what makes up a glaze, what each material contributes to the glaze and a practical demonstration on how to make a series of glaze tests…

  • URGENT call for television

    URGENT call for television

    14th August 2020

    Pi Productions, an independent production company based in London, is looking for people setting up new businesses in the next few months who they can then follow over the coming year. The company is currently producing the second series of…



    14th August 2020

    Kelsey Media operates an affiliate scheme on all Kelsey shop sales via If you have a website, blog, forum, newsletter or large social media following, you could earn commission on sales of our products via your channels. If you are interested in earning…

  • Wanted: The Simple Life

    Wanted: The Simple Life

    14th August 2020

    Are you fed up with life in a crowded, noisy, hectic city?   Are you thinking about swapping it all for a less frantic, quieter, healthier way of life? The production team behind Wanted Down Under want to hear from you…

  • Wetheriggs Pottery update

    Wetheriggs Pottery update

    16th July 2020

    There has been a development in the campaign to save the historic Wetheriggs Pottery site. (We first covered this story back in April). The developer who bought the site has offered to sell the plot containing the historic listed Wetheriggs…



    16th July 2020

    We have two copies of Linda Bloomfield’s latest book, Special Effect Glazes to give away in a free draw. If you aren’t one of the lucky winners, don’t worry, we also have a great 30% discount reader offer ENTER HERE…

  • BOTZ free online seminar

    BOTZ free online seminar

    14th May 2020

    The next BOTZ webinar will be held on the 18th May at 2.30pm. The topic will be ‘Designing ceramics with BOTZ Unidekor’. BOTZ Unidekor are 24 liquid decorating colours, universally applicable in the firing range of 1000°–1250°C. Porcelain painting When…

  • Anglian Potters’ first online selling exhibition

    Anglian Potters’ first online selling exhibition

    14th May 2020

    Many potters are still able to work at home in the current lock-down conditions, but there are few places to sell their work. Since spring would usually be the time for one of the renowned Anglian Potters Open Exhibitions, they…

  • Potters’ Playtime event

    Potters’ Playtime event

    24th April 2020

    In issue 35, we featured an event hosted by Potclays, in which six potters were given access to two tonnes of clay to make one big piece each over a two-day period. It was a mammoth task but, in truth,…