Whether you’re just starting out with your business, or have reached a point where you need to expand, there are certain things that you’ll need to know and do. Trial-and-error is all well and good, but why waste time trying to figure it all out, when there’s a host of information and advice online that you can access… for free!

Should you have a shop on your website, or rely on third-party marketplaces? How do you build an email list, and why is it important? How important are hashtags, and how do you use them (some people might ask ‘what even IS a hashtag?’). With online selling, there’s just so much to take into account, and it can be confusing. You can think you’ve got things running pretty smoothly, then the algorithms change, or one particular marketplace could alter its pricing, or advertising terms, throwing you off-balance.

The Crafts Council has a whole section on its website, aimed at small to medium craft businesses. There are free videos, articles and case studies covering marketing, finance and logistics – all full of great ideas and advice. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can contact their talent development team for more information.

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