If your build isn’t going quite right then we have the right person that can help!

If you’re having trouble with your firing, or you’ve come to a dead end in your search for a particular glaze, then our experts are on hand to help.

Our panel includes:

Jacqui Atkin

Alan Ault

Billy Byles and Alan Parris

Kevin Millward


Meet Alan and Billy

Alan Parris and Billy Byles are master potters at the Aylesford Pottery in Kent. Originally established by David Leach, in 1954, David later handed over the reins to Colin Pearson, who continued his work.

Alan and Billy took over in 1999, having worked for some of the biggest commercial potteries in the south-east, and soon found that, in addition to a demand for their work, they were increasingly being asked to teach. Alongside a busy and thriving commercial pottery, they now run courses throughout the year, catering for over 100 students of varying levels of experience.

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