Northamptonshire-based Hartley and Noble has come up with an ever-increasing range of equipment for potters, from ribs to complete batt systems and drape moulds.

All are manufactured from premium quality MDF that is thoroughly tested for waterproof qualities and warp resistance and comes in 6mm, 9mm and 12mm thicknesses.

Batt systems

The nestable batts in the Hartley and Noble Russian Dolls Batt System offer great flexibility when throwing pots of different sizes


One recent addition to the range is the Russian Doll 3-in-1 batt system. Simply attach the batt to your wheel head (with or without pins). Then select from 100mm, 150mm, or 200mm tile inserts. Pop the insert into the batt using the adaptor tiles included. When you’ve finished, lift the tile off and put your finished piece to one side. Put a fresh tile in, and throw your next piece.

The CNC-cutting company can add personalised touches to orders – for example, suction-release tabs to batts – and is happy to discuss bespoke designs.

You can order by calling 01933 818956, emailing, or by using the shop facility on the company’s Facebook page @hartleyandnoble, where you can see videos of the products in action.