Collective Matter launches Crowdfunder appeal to build a creative clay space

Eva Masterman, Katie Spragg and Mary O’Malley form Collective Matter, working together to bring clay to as many people as possible. Having already successfully completed a project at Tate Modern earlier this year, they are now appealing for help, via a Crowdfunder appeal, to create a larger, multi-purpose space in their Bermondsey Studio, where the local community, other artists and the public can come to experience clay.

With a small loan and two borrowed kilns they have been able to create a modest studio space but have quickly run out of funds to complete their larger vision, and they need support.

The wide range of pledges available means you can choose from things as diverse as paintbrushes, banding wheels, benches, various workshops, larger studio equipment and commissioned pieces from the three artists. Take a look, we’re sure something will  take your fancy!

Find out more about the Crowdfunder appeal here