Issue 9

Bumper projects and £250 competition!

Issue 9 is out now, and as you’ll see when you read on, this month there are nearly 40 pages of projects. I’d like to thank Jacqui Atkin for her sterling work on these. Visiting her studio in Wales for a photography shoot was fascinating. It’s so neat and ordered, with shelves of drying and finished work. My eye was immediately caught by something familiar. It took me a couple of seconds to realise what I was looking at, but then it dawned on me. It was all the project pieces from the previous issues of the magazine, in various stages of completion, filling two sets of large, full-height shelves.

Looking at how many of them there were, it made me realise how hard Jacqui works to produce the step-by-step guides. It’s a bit like Blue Peter – here’s one I made earlier! Each project has to be made to varying degrees of completion so that they can all be photographed in one session.

Talking of making our projects, I’m delighted to introduce Tracey’s blog, on page 62. She’s a self-confessed, enthusiastic novice, who will be chronicling her work on of some of our projects. Speaking as someone who rather takes the view that if I haven’t got a piece of dowelling, surely a pencil will do, I find it completely relatable and very funny. This is pottery projects, warts-n-all!

Our courses listing is proving very popular and is growing each month. If you would like to see your course listed – for free – in both the magazine and online, email your details to Please follow the format you’ll find in the listing at the back of the magazine. If you would like your entry to stand out from the crowd, email Gary at: for more details.


Reader giveaway

We’ve teamed up with Valentine’s Clay to offer 10 readers the chance to win one of their spectacular 2018 calendars. Just enter your details at before midnight on the 28th December, and the winners will be drawn at random on 3rd January.



issue 9 Lara Scobie

Our cover image this month is of Lara Scobie’s work. Lara works in thin Parian Porcelain, decorated with a combination of black linear patterns and bold contrasting colours. If you like the look of her work, and fancy trying your hand at something similar, you can find out more about using lustre glazes on page 70.

WIN! £250 voucher

Lara’s work can be found at, and if you would like to win a £250 voucher to spend there, simply enter our free prize draw here