Meet Suzanne Sullivan

Every month we will be featuring homemade creations, from potters across the world. In our first issue, we feature Suzanne Sullivan a professional ceramicist from New York. The stunning geometric design features on our front cover too!

About the project:

Clay: Porcelain

Firing: Cone 6

Build: Hand Built

Decoration: Hand-drawn underglaze

Influences and Inspiration: Artists who have influenced me include Philip Guston and Louise Bourgeoise, as well as Agnes Martin and Gego. I’m also interested in Northwest Coastal art, having grown up in Oregon, and African textiles.

Buy Suzanne’s work:, and

Want to feature in next month’s issue with your pottery creation?

If so, the featured subject should be your own work, and can be a favourite piece or something new that you’d like to showcase.

One high resolution (min 1MB) portrait image of the piece of work against a neutral or black background, and a head and shoulder shot of you.

We will then require the following details about the project.

  1. Clay type
  2. Firing temp
  3. Build technique
  4. Decoration process: method and type
  5. Inspirations & influences

Do you sell your work, if so, how/where? Include web links for promotion.

Space is limited, so please be as concise as possible! It’s a list, rather than a piece of prose. If you would like to be featured in more length, in Meet the Potter, get in touch via:

Meet Laura Crosland

About the project:

Clay: White stoneware (Earthstone Extra smooth)

Firing: 1260 degrees

Build: Wheel thrown and turned

Decoration: Design hand drawn and carved

Influences and Inspiration: I’m inspired by geometric patterns and natural forms; as well as potters who focus on fine detail such as Peter Beard and Jin Eu Kim

Buy Suzanne’s work: The Leach Pottery, St Ives and the Leach Pottery online shop (, the bookshop at the Mall Galleries, London and via Laura’s website (

Want to feature in next month’s issue with your pottery creation, read the details above on how to!

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