New books about pottery are always exciting and we’ve got two for you!


New books Complete Pottery Techniques

Design, form, throw, decorate and more, with workshops from professional makers

Covering every technique from throwing to firing, glazing to sgraffito, this book is the ideal companion for potters. This book has contemporary design and ideas, and inspiration from top ceramicists. Beautifully illustrated, with comprehensive, clear and detailed instructions, this book would be a great addition to your pottery library.

Published by Dorling Kindersley, RRP £20, ISBN 978-0-2413-8185-4

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New books Colour in Glazes second edition

Colour in Glazes
Linda Bloomfield

Fully updated and revised, Colour in Glazes is an essential handbook for the studio potter working towards achieving a fantastic spectrum of colourful glazes.

This new edition contains advances in technology and new discoveries in the Periodic Table, new materials and new glaze recipes as well as methods of testing and information on how to make stable, dishwasher-safe glazes. Types of base glazes and the fluxes used to make them are discussed in relation to colour response. Emphasis is placed on using colouring oxides to achieve depth and variety of colour, rather than just resorting to commercial ceramic stains.

The practical aspects of mixing, applying, testing and adjusting glazes are explained. and a large section of test tiles and glaze recipes is included, for use on white earthenware, stoneware and porcelain fired in electric, gas and salt kilns. A very useful book aimed at making glazes to achieve the colour you want, and to help you broaden your palette.

Published by Bloomsbury, available from 3 October, RRP £20, ISBN 978-1-9122-1782-3