The next BOTZ webinar will be held on the 18th May at 2.30pm. The topic will be ‘Designing ceramics with BOTZ Unidekor’.

BOTZ Unidekor are 24 liquid decorating colours, universally applicable in the firing range of 1000°–1250°C.

Porcelain painting
When decorating porcelain apply enough colour. Fire at min. 1200°C. Alternatively, apply a thin coat of 9106 Transparent and fire at 1080°C.

Majolica technique
Apply Unidekor to the dry glaze using a decoration brush.

Under-glaze technique
BOTZ Unidekor is ideal for the decoration of biscuit fired unglazed pottery or biscuit tiles. Apply the slightly diluted colours like waterpaint. Possibly create a few colour highlights on top. When the colour is dry, apply a thin layer of Transparent with a soft brush. Fire at 1050°C.

Unidekor is a great substitute for manganese dioxide, which is hazardous to health. Simply apply and then wipe the upper surface with a slightly damp cloth.

Available in pots of 30-, 200- and 800ml.

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