Ridgeway Studios was created by husband and wife team Max and Finola Thomas at the beginning of July, in Fishponds, Bristol. The studio is a flexible workspace for craftspeople and creatives, and as well as workshops, it now offers pay-as-you-go wheel hire.

Wheel and desk hire – Pay as you go

FROM £30

With the wheel and desk hire, you will have full access to the pottery facilities and equipment in the studio, including:
•Shimpo wheels
• Rhode large slab roller
• Extruder
• Hand tools
• Tile cutters
• Whirlers

You will also have access to the kitchen, toilet, and garden.

Each booking covers the morning session (9:30am-12:30pm), to book the full day (9:30am-4:30pm) just add the full day extra (£20) when booking.

Other extras include:
• Firing clay – Half kiln bisque/glaze £20
• Firing clay – Full kiln bisque/glaze £40
• Clay 12.5kg – Buff stoneware £10


Monday – Wednesday

Ridgeway Studios
46B Ridgeway Road
Bristol BS16 3EA

Bookings can be made online at: finolamaynard.com where you can also find details of classes and workshops. Feel free to pop in if you have any queries, or phone 07874 225946

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