• How to make an oya

    How to make an oya

    10th March 2021

    An oya, or olla, is a terracotta vessel that’s buried in the ground to water the garden. Not only does their use dramatically reduce water waste but also watering time. So, buried in the ground next to your courgettes, you’re…

  • Framed plaster batt

    Framed plaster batt

    27th October 2020

    Plaster batts are quick and easy to make and can be used for lots of different things. This one has a frame, so you can use it with slip YOU WILL NEED: Potter’s plaster Buckets for mixing Scales for weighing…

  • Christmas trees

    Christmas trees

    19th October 2020

    These simple tree decorations look especially good in groups of different sizes and proportions. They look lovely as festive table centre features or simply sitting on window ledges or shelves at any time of the year You will need: Clay…

  • Christmas tree decorations

    Christmas tree decorations

    19th October 2020

    These porcelain hangings contrast beautifully with the dark green of a Christmas tree. They also make an unusual year-round feature display suspended on bare branches of corkscrew hazel if you’re able to source some You will need: Porcelain Clean rolling…

  • Christmas baubles

    Christmas baubles

    19th September 2020

    Make these lovely baubles to fill a dish for your coffee table or as decorations to hang on the Christmas tree   YOU WILL NEED: Porcelain casting slip Kitchen sieve Large jug Small ball-shaped mould Kitchen timer Foam block for…

  • Bird silhouette wall hanging

    Bird silhouette wall hanging

    11th September 2020

    Inspiration for this project comes from the silhouette outlines used to record the features of people in times before photography was invented. The principle is easily adapted to outlines of birds and animals   You will need: Stiff card Cutting…

  • Gift tags

    Gift tags

    8th September 2020

    These little gift tags make the act of giving truly personal and special. What better way can there be to show someone how much you care about them? They are easy to make for all occasions   For your gift…

  • Pinch pebble planters

    Pinch pebble planters

    15th July 2020

    Cacti and succulents look fabulous in these little planters, especially when grouped together. They are quick and easy to make so you should be able to turn out your own little arrangement in no time at all   You will…

  • Slab bird house

    Slab bird house

    7th June 2020

    With spring now firmly established, this bird house is the perfect home for your garden visitors.  Make sure you place it in the shade, or it’ll get too hot inside for the birds   You will need: Card to make…

  • Plaster orb mould

    Plaster orb mould

    16th May 2020

    A basic globe-shaped mould is probably one of the most useful the potter can have because it can be used in so many ways. From slip casting to press moulding, you will be able to produce items as diverse as…

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