• Pinch puffin

    Pinch puffin

    10th May 2020

    The puffin is such comical and endearing bird and makes a great subject to replicate in clay because of its interesting shape and colouring   You will need: Stoneware or earthenware Liquid underglaze colours – black, red, blue, yellow, orange.…

  • Paper clay dogs

    Paper clay dogs

    7th April 2020

    These are simple modelled forms that require minimal skill to create, making them a super project to do with children. Giving the dogs colourful coats makes them look jolly and individual. Make a few to display in groups   You…

  • Herb stakes and plant markers

    Herb stakes and plant markers

    7th April 2020

    This is a quick and easy project for all those gardeners out there who might like to make their pots more exciting with individual plant stakes. If you don’t garden yourself, the stakes make lovely gifts to give to someone…

  • Handbuilt salt and pepper shakers

    Handbuilt salt and pepper shakers

    7th April 2020

    These adorable little salt and pepper shakers are functional and decorative!   You will need: for the shakers Earthenware clay Wooden tools and ribs Stoppers for the underside – note you will need these before you begin, to gauge the…

  • Pressed slab lemon squeezer

    Pressed slab lemon squeezer

    7th April 2020

    This squeezer can be made in various sizes to suit different fruit, and the base can be shaped in any way you like   You will need: Clay – earthenware or stoneware Rolling pin Roller guides – 5mm thick Plastic…

  • Pinch project: penguin

    Pinch project: penguin

    7th April 2020

    Who doesn’t love a penguin? They are the perfect animals to make for raku firing because of the simplicity of shape and colouring, and only a minimal glaze application is required – they couldn’t be simpler! This version uses clay…

  • Paperclay slab animals

    Paperclay slab animals

    24th March 2020

    The inspiration for this project came from the charming but rudimentary metal animals that can be bought as souvenirs when you’re on holiday   Adapting the shapes to clay isn’t difficult because of the malleable nature of the material, and…

  • Slip-cast Christmas decorations

    Slip-cast Christmas decorations

    4th December 2019

    These lovely Christmas decorations make a fun project if you like making moulds and, although these decorations are slip-cast, the mould can also be used to press form them if you prefer that technique You will need: Plaster and associated…

  • Scandi-inspired candle holders

    Scandi-inspired candle holders

    4th November 2019

    Make these candle holders in multiples of different sizes for a lovely table or mantelpiece display     You will need: Clay – earthenware or stoneware – white was used here, but a coloured clay would also work Rolling pin,…

  • Pinched rabbit project

    Pinched rabbit project

    12th August 2019

    This little pinched rabbit is built by enlarging semi-spheres with coiled additions, which are in turn pinched, to make larger sections to join together. The technique is used to increase size for all pinched forms, whether open or closed   You…

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