Studio Spotlight

  • Tobago studio

    Tobago studio

    18th May 2019

    Helen Evans is a pioneer in glaze technology. Paul Bailey met her in London while she was over on a visit from Tobago Weighing out clay in preparation for throwing, in the Tobago studio. (Photo: Christoph Meurer)   Helen Evans…

  • Studio spotlight: Furzebrook Studios

    Studio spotlight: Furzebrook Studios

    23rd May 2018

    Rachel Fooks is one of life’s perpetual students, never happier than when acquiring new skills, and it was this love of learning that led her first to pottery and then to the setting up of her studio, near Wareham, Dorset…

  • Studio spotlight: Swanspool Ceramics

    Studio spotlight: Swanspool Ceramics

    19th April 2018

    Nestled in the picturesque Northamptonshire countryside at Castle Ashby is Swanspool Ceramics, a relatively new studio operating a very flexible system of classes and open access Sarah Plackett worked as a freelance translator for years, before signing up to a…